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Zottel has checked in: Cuddly toy now available on AIDA ships

From now on there is another great eye-catcher in the shops of the AIDA ships: Zottel, the green, fluffy soft cuddly animal has moved in on board and is looking forward to new loving owners.

The story behind Zottel is just as extraordinary as the stuffed animal itself: its inventor is Anna-Lina (10 years) from Magdeburg. She took part
in the cruise company's big clubbie painting campaign in January 2017, and created a friend for the four AIDA Clubbies, Alwine, Itzi, Dodo and Achwasachwas.


The jury was particularly won over by the character of Anna-Lina's Zottel. Her imaginary cuddly toy loves laughing, likes being tickled and enjoys eating. On top of that, he is ultra cuddly and soft because of his shaggy fur – the perfect friend for the Clubbies and all children.


Anna-Lina's drawing was now turned into a real cuddly toy. Zottel is available for 19.95 euros from the onboard stores of the AIDA ships and from the AIDA online store (plus delivery charges). And the best thing about it:For each Zottel sold, 5 euros will be donated to the children's charity, SOS Kinderdorf e.V. This will be a strictly limited edition, and each Zottel will have its own serial number.


Of course, the first produced Zottel with the serial number 1 went to his inventor Magdeburg. More than 6,000 creative ideas from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and of course from the AIDA ships were submitted for the competition.

Further information about Zottel and his friends can be found on the website

Rostock, November 28, 2017