News Release


1. Name of company

Carnival plc

2. Name of scheme

The P&O Princess Cruises Executive Share Option Plan

3. Period of return:

From 15 November 2003 to 14 May 2004

4. Number and class of shares(s)
(amount of stock/debt security)
not issued under scheme

1,587,510 ordinary shares of US$1.66 each

5. Number of shares issued/allotted
under scheme during period


6. Balance under scheme not yet issued/allotted
at end of period


7. Number and class of share(s)
(amount of stock/debt securities)
originally listed and the date of admission

800,000 ordinary shares of US$1.66 each
(REF: RA/Carnival plc/00013) dated 13 November 2003

1,000,000 ordinary shares of US$1.66 each
(REF: RA/Carnival plc/00014) dated 16 February 2004

Please confirm total number of shares in issue at the end of the period in order for us to update our records

211,698,131 ordinary shares of US$1.66 each

Contact for queries:
Name: Tony Guthrie
Telephone: 020 7940 5384
Person making the return:
Name: Arnaldo Perez
Position: Company Secretary