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AIDA Cruises launches its new annual advertising campaign with an emotional start around Christmas season

A stressed elderly gentleman is about to travel with his wife. At check-in, he nervously looks at his watch. When he finds a pair of children's glasses and looks through them, his perception changes for the better: he sees the world differently - more colorful and cheerful. With this modern interpretation of Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Story", AIDA Cruises is setting the tone for its new annual campaign, which was developed in cooperation with the lead agency "Zum goldenen Hirschen".

"Experience yourself differently" is not only the motto of the campaign, but also the promise that AIDA Cruises, the German market leader in the cruise segment, is making with its new campaign. "Our wide range of offers, our cordial service and the friendly atmosphere on board make every vacation with AIDA unique," explains Alexander Ewig, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at AIDA.

Whether on TV, in the travel agency, on social media or at numerous other touch points: An AIDA voyage is always an opportunity to get to know oneself anew and to step out of one's comfort zone. Empowered by the community, free from commitments, expectations and preconceptions, travelers have positive experiences - and are inspiring and motivating role models.

AIDA's invitation to experience oneself in a new way comes at the perfect time, as the New Year approaches and travel planning begins. In 2024, vacationers will be able to rediscover all kinds of things: new dream destinations, new leisure experiences, but also themselves in a completely new way - carefree, harmonious, happy. More than 250 destinations from the North Cape to the Seychelles offer a huge selection of vacation options on the 11 AIDA ships.

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