Stuart Subotnick

President and Chief Executive Officer
Metromedia Company
Carnival Corporation Director since 1987

Carnival plc Director since 2003

Mr. Subotnick has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Metromedia Company, a privately held diversified Delaware general partnership, since 2010, having previously served as its General Partner and Executive Vice President since 1986. He previously served as a Director of AboveNet, Inc. from 1997 to 2012.

Board Committees: Audit; Compliance;  Executive; and Nominating & Governance (Chair)

Other Public Company Boards: None

Mr. Subotnick’s qualifications to serve on the Boards include his significant experience in financing, investing and general business matters, as well as his past Board experience with us, which are important to the Boards when reviewing our investor relations, assessing potential financings and strategies, and otherwise evaluating our business decisions.
Financial Expert