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Jessica Minh Anh added Liquefied Natural Gas cruise ship into her iconic Fashion x Sustainability series


Genova, March 1st, 2022 - Yesterday, the world’s most innovative fashion show producer transformed the new LNG-powered cruise ship, Costa Toscana, into a sky-high sea catwalk in Portofino, Italy. Against the cinematic backdrop of the Italian Riviera, Jessica Minh Anh’s big come-back show continued redefining runway standards, while delivering a powerful message of sustainability and innovation. The extraordinary “J Spring Fashion Show 2022” production premiered haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessory, and swimwear collections from France, USA, Malaysia, Paraguay, Australia, Senegal, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

The fashion show took place on the aft skywalk of the Costa Toscana, at deck 18, one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the new ship, which will leave for her first cruise on March 5th from Savona.

A perfect portrait of modern elegance, Jessica Minh Anh opened the highly anticipated catwalk in a timeless couture red dress with intricate beading and refined craftmanship by Malaysian powerhouse Emmanuel Haute Couture. The supermodel’s multi-layered fishtail gown was complimented by an impressive seashell inspired hairstyle to complete her unique look. Jessica was followed by a gorgeous model line-up wearing angelic white and pink dresses with stand-out waistline and elongated silhouette. A master at embellished hand work, Emmanuel Haute Couture successfully inserted seduction onto the sea catwalk. This is the third time the Southeast Asian representative joined a Jessica Minh Anh’s production after Seine River and Hoover Dam fashion phenomena. 

Next on the runway was Australian ready-to-wear brand Ngali with “Nginha” collection inspired by tranquility and open spaces.  The stunning artwork of Australian indigenous artist Lindsay Malay was printed on luxurious silks. Traditional quilting techniques were combined with vertical stitches and embroideries to add depth and texture to the overall softness.

Adding glamour and sparkles onto the grand catwalk, the exotic beachwear brand Sauvage from the US premiered a bold collection with vivid colours and architectural one pieces and bikinis.  Inspired by the “year of tiger”, the collection by designer Elizabeth Southwood featured jungle prints, Swarovski crystals, and chic detailing. 

Returning to Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk for the eighth time, Pakistani talent Syeda Amera premiered a gold dominated couture collection called “ORO”. Each extravagant look displayed intricate hand-woven embellishments, experimental cuts, and generous details of metallic beads, jewel stones, crystals, and sequins. Her unique take on femininity and individuality was evident through her exquisite craftmanship and deconstruction of couture. 

South American representative La Paix from Paraguay inserted sophistication to J Spring Fashion Show 2022 with impressive couture pieces. Inspired by nature, architecture, culture, art, and life itself, the collection showcased bold silhouettes, a lot of volume, layers, and theatrical yet elegant patterns. 

Californian designer Johana Hernandez of the brand GLAUDI premiered a celebratory collection of love and life post pandemic. The prominent pieces include black satin dresses with soft shimmers, gold gowns with blooming flowers, and classic white bridal looks with a stand-out train. Closing GLAUDI’s collection, Jessica Minh Anh embodied a fairy-tale goddess in a grand hand-beaded haute couture dress with thousands of crystals. The extravagant statement piece accentuated the supermodel’s tiny waist while creating a dramatic effect of lights, sparkles, and royalty. 

Also returning to Jessica Minh Anh’s unique catwalk after the Hoover Dam extravaganza, African designer Kine Dion captivated audience with an haute couture collection highlighting the diversity and complexity of a modern woman.  Special weaving techniques, architectural motifs, elaborate embroidery, and hand-made pearls were used to create distinctive pieces. 

Closing the show with class and supremacy, Vietnamese celebrity designer Hoang Hai premiered an extraordinary haute couture collection inspired by nature.  His "East meets West" lavish designs alongside his passion for great versatility effectively reflected a woman’s personality. White, blue, gold, and red hand-beaded gowns with crystal embellishments inserted a magic spell onto the history-making catwalk. Saving the best for last, Jessica Minh Anh appeared as a vision in a structured silvery dress made of Swarovski crystals shaped as a swan. The impressive masterpiece, which took more than a thousand hours to make, accentuated Jessica’s classic silhouette and sensuality with a high cut slit and an epic long trail. Captivating and inspiring, the exotic beauty led a stunning model line-up on the sky-high sea catwalk against the picturesque backdrop of deep blue sea and spectacular skyline. 

The outstanding garment collections were accompanied by Parisian hair accessory brand Alexandre de Paris, who has previously collaborated with Jessica Minh Anh in Paris and Venice. The creative pieces, which include flowered hairbands, butterfly and dragonfly hairpins, and bejeweled headbands, brought in ambience of French glamour. 

This was Jessica Minh Anh’s forth collaboration with the Italian cruise company, Costa Crociere, after her mind-blowing sundeck catwalks in Sydney, Dubai, and Hong Kong. On her selection of Costa Toscana for the catwalk venue, Jessica Minh Anh said “This particular moment in history provides an opportunity for a sustainable “restart” of our society. Costa Toscana aligns perfectly with my mission of highlighting sustainability in a visually attractive way. It was an honour to celebrate the resurgence of business and style on the world’s newest LNG-powered cruise ship.” Other sustainable companies who supported the show include DHL Italy, Kevin.Murphy, OnHair Salon, Michela Mele Beauty, and PRIME. 

Exclusive VIPs and the media were invited to a one-night luxury stay on board of Costa Toscana alongside the innovative fashion show. “It was a great pleasure to have Jessica Minh Anh on board transforming our new LNG flagship into a phenomenal catwalk. She is a pioneer in marrying fashion with sustainability, just like Costa in offering the most advanced sustainable ships. It was a perfect event to celebrate such an innovative and beautiful ship like Costa Toscana, which in a few days will leave for her first cruise, starting the full resumption of the Costa fleet in the next summer”, said Mario Zanetti, President of Costa Cruises.  

 J Spring Fashion Show 2022 was Jessica Minh Anh’s come-back catwalk after the phenomenal success of “Runway on the Runway” at JFK international airport before the pandemic, where the supermodel turned entrepreneur promoted the globally sustainable supply chain. This show combined three of Jessica’s famous catwalk series, namely Fashion x Sustainability, Catwalk-On-Water, and Sky-High, into one mind-blowing extravaganza. Previous editions took place atop the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Hoover Dam, Gemasolar Power Plant, and international cruise ships in Dubai, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong. 

J Spring Fashion Show 2022 marked Jessica Minh Anh’s 26th innovative productions since her history-making catwalk on England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge. The catwalk queen has already set her sight on a bigger location: space. One can only expect yet another mind-blowing phenomenon from a girl who revolutionized global runways. For more information, please visit JMA Website.

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