Our Sustainability Journey

In 2005, we began a corporate-wide Environmental Management System (EMS) initiative. This comprehensive, planned approach to improving our environmental performance resulted, in 2006, in certification of all of our Operating Lines and ships in accordance with the ISO14001 standard. Each Line’s EMS outlines our commitment to compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and lays the groundwork for addressing the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of our cruises on the ocean, the air, and the natural habitat of our destinations. To further support our environmental strategy in 2018, our Environmental Management System was certified at the corporate level vs. at the individual brand level for the first time, confirming our commitment to consistent, best-practice environment management practices across our brands.

In 2008, we expanded our commitment to transparency by deciding to publicly disclose the environmental, social and governance performance of each of our lines, using the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, to augment the annual Environmental Management reporting effort that we began in 2005. Since 2009 we are publishing our annual Sustainability Report publically. The publication of our Sustainability Reports enables us to benchmark our collective performance and to identify opportunities for improvement moving forward.

Our sustainability vision includes several important priorities – among them are addressing climate change, improving the quality of our air emissions, protecting the oceans and seas upon which we sail, supporting the communities we visit and providing all employees with a positive work environment and opportunities to build a rewarding career.

In 2015, we announced our 2020 sustainability goals focused on reducing our environmental impacts while enhancing the health, safety and security of our guests and crewmembers and ensuring sustainable business practices across our brands and business partners.

As we continue to define our sustainability strategy and goals for 2030, we are using the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) as our framework. We know that developing the right sustainability strategy for our organization is essential to our business success and reputation.


The reporting process helps us to build upon the multi-year momentum of our sustainability activities and to focus energy on our sustainability direction for each Operating Line as well as for the Corporation, as it allows us to:

  • Share best practices and lessons learned among ships and operating companies;
  • Identify and address opportunities for improvement;
  • Develop mechanisms for closing gaps in accountability and data availability; and
  • Set the record straight on how we manage the environmental and other sustainability impacts of our operations.

These reports also help us to focus energy on our sustainability direction for each Operating Line as well as for the Corporation, so that we can continue to build upon the multi-year momentum of our sustainability activities.

Historical Reports

Carnival Corporation & plc began publishing Environmental Management Reports in 2006 (for FY2005). Below are links to these Environmental Management Reports and the Corporate Sustainability Summary for FY2009:

LP-GRI Guidelines

The Carnival Brands listed below have also published Sustainability Reports following the GRI Guidelines. Please click on the links below to view each Operating Line report:

Documents and Files
AIDA Cruises
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival (UK) (Cunard and P&O Cruises)
Costa Cruises
Holland America Line
P&O Cruises (Australia)
Princess Cruises