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Christmas and New Year’s Eve Looks Like Being A Sell-Out For Costa Cruises

The Mediterranean is the most popular destination for Italian and Spanish cruisers, while the French and the Germans prefer the Caribbean. India and Maldives are new emerging destinations. And there are those who will be celebrating the New Year on an Around-the-World Cruise.


Genoa, 21 December 2016 – Cruising retains all its appeal as a type of holiday with a vocation for attracting people even for Christmas and New Year's Eve. The 21 cruises, for a total of 65,000 berths, onboard 11 ships, offered by Costa Cruises, the Italian company leading in Europe, look like being a sell-out. They will allow guests to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities in the most charming destinations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South America, Emirates, Seychelles and Madagascar, and for the first time even in India and Maldives.


The most popular itineraries remain those lasting seven days, though cruise passengers from different parts of Europe vary when it comes to their preferred destinations. Italians and Spanish, as well as Swiss, like to go the Mediterranean, thanks to their proximity to home ports allowing a comfortable embarkation on cruises to discover cities like Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Naples and Marseille. According to Italians and Swiss, the Caribbean are in the second place, while the Spanish choose the Emirates.  French, Germans and Austrians prefer to get away from the winter cold and head for the total relaxation and warm sun in the Caribbean, thanks to cruises like those departing from Guadeloupe and calling each day at a splendid new Island. The Mediterranean is in the second place for all these three nationalities. A peculiarity is represented by the Dutch: for them the most popular cruises during Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities are those departing from Dubai to the Emirates and Oman.

A big innovation for this winter, which is appreciated especially by Italians and French, is the one week cruises between India and Maldives, which allow guests to enjoy at the same time the beautiful beaches in the Maldives and the landscapes and the ancient cultures of Sri Lanka and India, visiting cities with an unique charm like Goa, Kochi and Mumbai.


Onboard Costa Luminosa, about 2000 guests will live a really special start to the year, departing from Savona on January 6 for their dream vacation: an Around-the-World Cruise. This is a thrilling 106-day voyage which will accompany guests to discover the wonders of 5 continents, sailing across 3 oceans and porting in 35 destinations before returning to Italy, in Savona, on April 22.


Costa's Christmas and New Year's Eve Cruises will offer the chance to visit extraordinary destinations without giving up on the traditions that distinguish this period. Onboard there will be ornaments, decorations, a big Christmas tree and the traditional countdown and toast for the New Year. In order to comply with the Christmas customs even at the table, the menus proposed on December 25 and December 31 will offer typical dishes of the Italian tradition and a selection of special recipes, inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean and South America, according to the chosen itineraries.


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