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Kick-off of the new edition of the project “ViviAmo la Città - Sei in Piazza San Marco”

San Marco Square will be staffed again this year by hostesses and stewards

tasked with sensitizing residents and tourists to issues regarding appropriate conduct in the piazza.



Venice, July 8 2016Venice Municipal Administration, the Piazza San Marco Association and Costa Cruises  present the new edition of "ViviAmo la città - Sei in piazza San Marco" ("Let's live the town - You're in Piazza San Marco"), a project to sensitize residents and tourists to improve the quality and preservation of Piazza San Marco and the surrounding area in Venice.

From 11 am to 7.30 pm each day starting 9 July through the end of September 2016, the San Marco Guardians, a team of at 20 hostesses and stewards, will be on duty in Piazza San Marco. Their job is to provide quality information service to the people visiting the square. Furthermore they will check the respect of basic rules of civilized conduct, based on the provisions of the municipal regulation in force, and offer first assistance in case of need. 

"We are pleased to see the return of 'San Marco Guardians' to preserve Piazza San Marco and welcome tourists visiting the square every day. It is an important initiative that Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has always supported. Venice Municipal Administration is committed to maintain jobs generated by the cruise industry: this initiative demonstrates how public-private synergy can give excellent results, even in tourism management. Special thanks to Piazza San Marco Association and Costa Cruises, that confirms its interest for our city, "- said Paola Mar, Tourism Councilor of Venice Municipal Administration.

"The ‘San Marco Guardians' project wants to be a concrete answer to the issues regarding the appropriate conduct that Piazza San Marco deserves. In view of many words spent on hit-and-run tourism in Venice and its sustainability, the Piazza San Marco Association counted on the tangible San Marco Guardians initiative, thanks to the sponsorship of Costa Cruises and the support of the Venice Municipal Administration. We hope that in the future guardians can become a constant and institutionalized presence in the city of Venice. " - said Alberto Nardi, Chairman of Piazza San Marco Association.

"We are delighted to be taking part in this project once again together with the local associations and institutions. Venice is a wonderful city and we are confident that this initiative will help to make it even more beautiful." stated Gabriele Baroni, Communication Director of Costa Cruises.

The "San Marco Guardians" will deliver information about main conduct standards and tourist information for the area. Hostesses and stewards will also inform Metropolitan Police Headquarters of any violations of municipal rules they discover when on duty.

The "San Marco Guardians", recognizable by their orange sweaters, speak a number of foreign languages so they can communicate with visitors to Venice from all over the world. Before entering the service they received adequate training by the Metropolitan Police and Tourism Management Office of Venice Municipal Administration.


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