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We are tracking our progress against our 2020 sustainability goals, which reinforce our commitment to the environment, our guests, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We are pleased to share that through the commitment of our dedicated and diverse workforce, we reached our carbon reduction goal ahead of schedule and are determining our next target. We are currently defining our sustainability strategy beyond 2020 and are using the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals as a framework.



Environmental Goals



•   Reduce intensity of carbon dioxide equivalent (“CO2e”) emissions from operations by 25% by 2020 relative to our 2005 baseline

•   Continue to improve the quality of our emissions into the air by developing, deploying and operating advanced air quality systems across our fleet

•   Increase usage of ship-to-shore power connection capabilities

•   Increase Advanced Wastewater Purification Systems coverage of our fleet-capacity by 10 percentage points by 2020 relative to our 2014 baseline

•   Continue to improve our shipboard operations’ water use efficiency by 5% by 2020 relative to our 2010 baseline

•   Continue to reduce waste generated by our shipboard operations by 5% by 2020 relative to our 2010 baseline, as measured by kilograms of non-recycled waste per person per day



Health, Safety and Security Goal



•   Continue to build on our commitment to protect the health, safety and security of guests, employees and all others working on our behalf



Labor and Social Goals



•   Continue to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and provide all employees with a positive work environment and opportunities to build a rewarding career to further drive employee engagement

•   Further develop and implement vendor assurance procedures ensuring compliance with Carnival Corporation & plc’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics

•   Continue to work on initiatives and partnerships that support and sponsor a broad range of organizations for the benefit of the communities where we operate


Our ship fuel consumption and emission rates and our total ship fuel greenhouse gas emissions are as follows:


  Measure Units 2018 2017  

  Total ship fuel greenhouse gas emissions (in millions)

  Tonnes CO2e (1)    10.4   10.4

  Ship fuel greenhouse gas emission rate

  Grams CO2e/ALB-KM (2)    251   256

Greenhouse gas emission data collection and calculations were performed in accordance with our greenhouse gas inventory management plan, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-3:2006 standard. Ship fuel emissions represent over 95% of the combined scope 1 emissions (direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by Carnival Corporation & plc) and scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam).


We measure and report the ship fuel greenhouse gas emission rate in terms of grams of CO2e per available lower berth kilometer (“ALB-KM”). This indicator enables us to make meaningful greenhouse gas emission reduction comparisons that take into account changes in fleet size, itineraries and passenger capacity.

Further details of matters related to health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability reporting and community relations at Carnival Corporation & plc are available in the “Sustainability” section of the Carnival Corporation & plc website at or and our sustainability website at


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