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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Health, environmental, safety and security

The Boards of Directors of Carnival Corporation & plc established Board-level Health, Environmental, Safety & Security (“HESS”) Committees comprised of four independent Directors. The principal function of the HESS Committees is to:



assist the Boards in fulfilling their responsibility to supervise and monitor Carnival Corporation & plc’s health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability-related policies, programs, initiatives at sea and ashore; and


comply with related legal and regulatory requirements relating to health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability.

The HESS Committees and our management team review all significant risks or exposures and associated mitigating actions. Each of the Chief Executive Officers of our brands attends the meetings of the HESS Committees.

Carnival Corporation & plc recognizes our responsibility to provide industry leadership and to conduct our business as a responsible global citizen. Our corporate leadership is manifested in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which requires that every employee and member of the Boards use sound judgment, maintain high ethical standards and demonstrate honesty in all business dealings. As a responsible global citizen, Carnival Corporation & plc is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

In addition, Carnival Corporation & plc’s HESS Policy describes our commitments to:



protecting the health, safety and security of our passengers, guests, employees and all others working on our behalf, thereby promoting an organization that strives to be free of injuries, illness and loss;


protecting the environment, including the marine environment in which our vessels sail and the communities in which we operate, striving to prevent adverse environmental consequences and using resources efficiently and sustainably;


complying with or exceeding all legal and statutory requirements related to health, environment, safety, security and sustainability throughout our business activities; and


assigning health, environment, safety, security and sustainability matters the same priority as other critical business matters.

The HESS Policy is published on the Carnival Corporation & plc website at or

The Boards recognize that Carnival Corporation & plc needs to ensure that there is a consistent standard of operation throughout their fleet in keeping with their leading position in the cruise industry. In this regard, the Carnival Corporation & plc Maritime Operations Department is headed by a Chief Maritime Officer, with a full-time professional and administrative staff, and is responsible for providing a common, integrated approach to management of HESS matters and for reporting to the HESS Committees on such matters. The Chief Maritime Officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer and to the Chair of the HESS Committees.

Risk Advisory & Assurance Services (“RAAS”) is Carnival Corporation & plc’s internal audit department and is headed by the Chief Audit Officer, who reports directly to the Chairs of the Audit and HESS Committees. The Chief Audit Officer also has a “dotted” reporting line to the General Counsel. RAAS conducts annual HESS audits of each brand’s head office and of each ship in our fleet. These audits are in addition to the audits performed by external third-party certification and regulatory auditors.


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