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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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extended from time to time, by and among Carnival Corporation, Carnival plc, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited, and various other lenders, which provides for approximately $1.9 billion, 500 million and £169 million revolving credit facilities and which may, under certain circumstances, be cancelled upon a change of control of Carnival plc, other than a change which results in control of Carnival plc being vested in Carnival Corporation or in certain members of the Arison family or trusts related to them.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of Carnival plc may be amended by the passing of a special resolution of the shareholders. In common with many other corporate actions that might be undertaken by Carnival plc, such a resolution would be proposed as a joint electorate action on which the shareholders of Carnival plc and of Carnival Corporation effectively vote as a single unified body, as contemplated by the DLC arrangement.

Purchase of Own Shares

The Boards of Directors have authorized the repurchase of up to an aggregate of $1.0 billion of Carnival Corporation common stock and Carnival plc ordinary shares subject to certain restrictions (the “Repurchase Program”). At January 17, 2019, the availability under the Repurchase Program was $543 million. The Repurchase Program does not have an expiration date and may be discontinued by the Boards of Directors at any time.

In addition to the Repurchase Program, the Boards of Directors have authorized the repurchase of up to 22 million Carnival plc ordinary shares and up to 26.9 million shares of Carnival Corporation common stock under the Stock Swap programs described in the Carnival Corporation & plc 2018 joint Annual Report on Form 10-K.

Shareholder approval is not required to buy back shares of Carnival Corporation, but is required under the Companies Act to buy back shares of Carnival plc. At the Annual General Meetings held on April 11, 2018, the authority for Carnival plc to buy back its own shares was approved. This authority enabled Carnival plc to buy back up to 20,934,527 ordinary shares of Carnival plc (being approximately 10 percent of Carnival plc’s ordinary shares in issue). Under that authority, 14,664,377 Carnival plc ordinary shares have been purchased through January 17, 2019. That approval expires on the earlier of:



the conclusion of Carnival plc’s 2019 Annual General Meeting; or


October 10, 2019.

Carnival Corporation & plc treats any such repurchases made by Carnival Corporation or Carnival Investments Limited under the Repurchase Program and the Stock Swap Programs as if they were made by Carnival plc under the Carnival plc buy back authority.


The names of all persons who served as Directors of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc during fiscal 2018 and biographical notes about each of the Directors are contained in the Proxy Statement.

Details of the Directors’ membership on Board Committees are set out in the Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report attached as Annex C to the Proxy Statement.

As of the date of this Directors’ Report, 33% of the members of the Boards are women (being four of 12 members).

Upon becoming a member of the Board of Directors of Carnival plc, each new Director participates in an induction process, which includes a meeting with all of the current Directors, provision of an


Carnival plc Directors’ Report