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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Questions Specific to Shareholders of Carnival Corporation



the candidate’s signed consent to serve as a Director if elected, and to be named in our Proxy Statement.

Shareholders may also recommend candidates for consideration by our Boards’ Nominating & Governance Committees in accordance with the procedures set forth in the “Procedures Regarding Director Candidates Recommended by Shareholders” section.





What Carnival Corporation shares owned by me can be voted?



All Carnival Corporation shares owned by you as of February 19, 2019, the record date, may be voted by you. These shares include those



held directly in your name as the shareholder of record, including shares purchased through Carnival Corporation’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan and its Employee Stock Purchase Plan; and


held for you as the beneficial owner through a stockbroker, bank or other nominee.



Will I be asked to vote at the Carnival plc Annual General Meeting?



No. Your vote at the Carnival Corporation Annual Meeting, for the purposes of determining the outcome of combined voting, is automatically reflected as appropriate at the parallel Carnival plc Annual General Meeting through the mechanism of the special voting share issued by Carnival plc.



Why did I receive a one-page notice in the mail regarding the Internet availability of proxy materials instead of a full set of proxy materials?



Carnival Corporation is taking advantage of SEC rules that allow it to deliver proxy materials over the Internet. Under these rules, Carnival Corporation is sending its shareholders a one-page notice regarding the Internet availability of proxy materials (the “Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials”) instead of a full set of proxy materials, unless they previously requested to receive printed copies. You will not receive printed copies of the proxy materials unless you specifically request them. Instead, this notice tells you how to access and review on the Internet all the important information contained in the proxy materials. This notice also tells you how to submit your proxy card on the Internet and how to request to receive a printed copy of the proxy materials.



What is the difference between holding shares as a shareholder of record and as a beneficial owner?



Most of the shareholders of Carnival Corporation hold their shares through a stockbroker, bank or other nominee rather than directly in their own name. As summarized below, there are some distinctions between shares held of record and those owned beneficially.

Shareholder of Record

If your shares are registered directly in your name with Carnival Corporation’s transfer agent, Computershare Investor Services LLC, you are considered, with respect to those shares, the shareholder of record, and the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials or set of printed proxy materials, as applicable, is being sent directly to you by us. As the shareholder of record,


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