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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Compensation Tables


The amounts set forth in the column entitled Stock Awards in the “Summary Compensation Table” do not represent the equity-based compensation granted as compensation for fiscal 2018. As required by SEC rules and as described in Note 1 to the “Summary Compensation Table,” the amounts reported in this column only reflect the PBS, SEA and MTE grants made during fiscal 2018. The amounts reported in this column do not include value associated with MTE grants made in January 2019 that are described in the Compensation Discussion and Analysis. The MTE grants made to our Named Executive Officers in January 2019 as compensation for fiscal 2018 are as follows:

Equity Grants Made During Fiscal 2019 as Compensation for Fiscal 2018




Grant Date Fair Value     

of Stock Awards(1)     


Arnold W. Donald


David Bernstein


Stein Kruse


Arnaldo Perez


Michael Thamm


The amounts are the full value of the MTE grants on January 14, 2019, the date the grants were made effective. The value for Carnival plc ordinary shares has been converted from sterling into U.S. dollars based on the January 14, 2019 exchange rate of $1.29:£1. The full grant date fair value for a grant is the amount that Carnival Corporation & plc will expense in their financial statements over the grant’s vesting period or until the retirement eligibility date, if such date is earlier than the vesting date, when vesting is not contingent upon any future performance. The full grant date fair value may not correspond to the actual value that will be realized.

All Other Compensation

Each component of the All Other Compensation column in the “Summary Compensation Table” for fiscal 2018 is as follows:





Arnold W.
























Compensation in lieu of Savings Plan profit sharing contribution

       59,058        199,070               166,242       

Employer contributions to defined contribution plan

       8,250        8,250        21,240        8,250       

Private medical/health insurance costs and premiums(1)

       50,197        46,757        23,682        59,842        11,855

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance premiums

       104        104             104        17,372

Automobile lease or allowance

       24,000        11,400        13,000        11,400        18,857

Personal use of Aircrafts(2)


Other personal air travel

              6,028        12,815        1,677       

Tax planning and return preparation fees

       18,002        6,500               5,195       

Living accommodations and maintenance


Driver and security



       3,250        5,480        7,568        3,752        4,383

















       289,790        283,589        78,305        256,462        83,666

Certain of our Named Executive Officers are eligible to participate in an executive health insurance program, which includes a fully insured plan and a secondary insured plan. Amounts reported represent the cost of the premiums paid on a Named Executive Officer’s behalf under these plans plus the additional costs of medical services rendered during the fiscal year. Named Executive Officers participating in this plan generally have until March 31, 2019 to submit their 2018 claims for reimbursement, and as a result, these amounts may increase. The maximum amount that may be reimbursed in any year under the secondary plan is $20,000.


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