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Compensation Discussion and Analysis and Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report—Part I


Pensions and Deferred Compensation Plans

As part of the overall compensation program, Carnival Corporation & plc operates various group pension programs for certain of their executives. Under the Carnival Corporation pension programs, base salaries and annual bonuses were used to determine pension benefits.

Until December 31, 1997, Mr. Perez participated in the Carnival Corporation Nonqualified Retirement Plan for Highly Compensated Employees (the “Retirement Plan”), which is a nonqualified defined benefit plan. His benefit accruals under the Retirement Plan then ceased and he began earning benefits under the Carnival Corporation Fun Ship Nonqualified Savings Plan (the “Savings Plan”), which is a nonqualified defined contribution plan whereby certain executives were able to defer salary and/or bonus amounts into the Savings Plan. Until January 1, 2009, Messrs. Bernstein and Perez participated in the Savings Plan.

Additional information regarding the Retirement Plan is included in the “Pension Benefits” table and the narrative which follows. Additional information regarding the Savings Plan is in the “Nonqualified Deferred Compensation in Fiscal 2018” table and the narrative which follows.

In accordance with Section 457A of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Carnival Corporation paid out all benefits accrued under the Retirement Plan and the Savings Plan in December 2017.

In lieu of participation in the Savings Plan, the Compensation Committees approved payment of an additional annual bonus directly to these employees in an amount equal to what would have been deposited on behalf of those employees into those plans, less, as described below, any amount Carnival Corporation contributes to the Carnival Corporation Fun Ship Savings Plan, a 401(k) plan (the “401(k) Plan”). These payments are taxable as ordinary income.

Beginning with the 2010 calendar year, the 401(k) Plan was amended and currently allows Messrs. Donald, Bernstein and Perez (as well as all other highly compensated employees) to defer a limited amount of compensation into the 401(k) Plan subject to nondiscrimination testing. Similarly, Carnival Corporation shall make a matching contribution to the 401(k) Plan under the plan’s formula, subject to nondiscrimination testing.

Stock Ownership Requirements

Our Boards of Directors and Compensation Committees believe it is important for executive officers and Directors to build and maintain a long-term ownership position in Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares in order to align their financial interests with those of our shareholders and to encourage the creation of long-term value. Our compensation structure provides for a significant percentage of compensation to be equity-based, which places a substantial portion of compensation at risk over a long-term period. Accordingly, our Section 16 Officers, including our Named Executive Officers, are subject to a stock ownership policy. The policy specifies target ownership levels of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares for each executive expressed in terms of the value of the equity holdings (excluding PBS and SEA grants which have not vested) as a multiple of each Section 16 Officer’s base salary. The target ownership levels are as follows:



  Ownership Target  

  Multiple of Base Salary  


  Chair and/or Chief Executive Officer

     6X salary  

  Vice Chair and/or Chief Operating Officer

     4X salary  

  Other Section 16 Officers

     3X salary  


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