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Compensation Discussion and Analysis and Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report—Part I


The Compensation Committees have approved a policy to establish procedures and controls as to the authorized use of aircraft owned or chartered by Carnival Corporation & plc (the “Aircraft”). According to the policy, the Aircraft can only be used for business purposes. Guests may accompany these executives when traveling. The Compensation Committees have also agreed to allow Mr. Donald to use the Aircraft for personal use so long as the incremental cost to Carnival Corporation & plc does not exceed $200,000 per year. Once that threshold is reached, Mr. Donald will reimburse us for those costs. The Compensation Committees determined that the Aircraft usage policy and levels of usage and costs were consistent with those offered by large multinational companies like Carnival Corporation & plc.

The perquisites received by each Named Executive Officer in fiscal 2018, as well as their incremental cost to Carnival Corporation & plc, are reported in the “Summary Compensation Table” and its accompanying footnotes.

Post-Employment Compensation Obligations

Carnival Corporation & plc does not have any change of control agreements that provide cash severance to our Named Executive Officers upon a change of control of Carnival Corporation & plc, with the exception of the employment agreement with Mr. Donald. Carnival Corporation & plc does not have employment agreements with any of our Named Executive Officers that provide cash severance benefits in connection with the termination of the executive’s employment, with the exception of employment agreements with Messrs. Donald and Thamm.

Mr. Donald’s employment agreement is subject to renewal annually on October 14th of each year. If Mr. Donald wishes to leave prior to the end of the current term, he would generally need to provide at least 60 days’ written notice. The payments to Mr. Donald in the event of termination are set forth in the “Post-Employment Cash Compensation Obligations to Mr. Donald” section.

Mr. Thamm’s employment agreement provides that he is generally entitled to an amount equal to 50% of his total remuneration most recently received by him as compensation for his agreement not to engage in competition with us. The Compensation Committees believe that the severance benefits provided to Mr. Thamm under his employment agreement are reasonable and in accordance with market practice in European Union.

Upon termination of employment for certain circumstances or upon a change of control, our Named Executive Officers may be entitled to retain or receive accelerated vesting of equity grants. Under the terms of the Carnival Corporation 2011 Stock Plan and the Carnival plc 2014 Employee Share Plan, however, the default provision upon a change in control would provide only for a “double trigger” acceleration of equity grants (such that no acceleration would occur unless the participant’s employment were subsequently terminated by Carnival Corporation & plc (or its successor) without cause). These benefits are provided under the terms of the plans pursuant to which the equity grants were made, the grant agreement and under individual agreements with certain Named Executive Officers. However, none of our Named Executive Officers are entitled to receive any tax gross-up payments in respect of their severance benefits or accelerated equity grants. The benefits that our Named Executive Officers may be eligible to receive in connection with the termination of their employment or upon a change of control are described in detail in the “Potential Payments Upon Termination or Change of Control” section.

The Compensation Committees believe that these arrangements are reasonable and encourage an executive to comply with post-termination non-compete and other restrictive covenants and to cooperate with us both before and after their employment is terminated.


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