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Compensation Discussion and Analysis and Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report—Part I


Incentive Plan. As a result, the bonuses for fiscal 2018 were more than actual bonus amounts for fiscal 2017, except for the bonus for Mr. Kruse.

Equity-Based Compensation

A.    General

The Compensation Committees grant equity-based compensation to our Named Executive Officers to provide long-term incentives and align management and shareholder interests. The Compensation Committees believe that a substantial portion of compensation should be equity-based. The equity-based compensation program is designed to recognize scope of responsibilities, reward demonstrated performance and leadership, motivate future superior performance and align the interests of the executive with our shareholders. To further augment these views the equity program for fiscal 2018 was 100% performance-based for our Named Executive Officers and other key executives within Carnival Corporation & plc. For fiscal 2018, this includes three different types of performance-based equity grants:



Management Incentive Plan-Tied Equity (“MTE”) grants;


Performance-Based Share (“PBS”) grants; and


Shareholder Equity Alignment (“SEA”) grants.

These equity grants provide for performance-based vesting or granting criteria and align our senior management team’s long-term compensation opportunities with Carnival Corporation & plc’s long-term performance. In addition, the value of these equity grants serve to link pay and performance in two ways: they have pre- or post-grant performance criteria to determine the number of shares earned and the value of the shares earned appreciate or depreciate based on the trading price of our shares.

Our equity-based compensation grants are made pursuant to the Carnival Corporation 2011 Stock Plan or the Carnival plc 2014 Employee Share Plan, which have been approved by Carnival Corporation & plc’s shareholders. Messrs. Donald, Bernstein, Kruse and Perez received equity grants under the Carnival Corporation 2011 Stock Plan. Mr. Thamm received equity grants under the Carnival Corporation 2011 Stock Plan and the Carnival plc 2014 Employee Share Plan.

The specific equity grants made to our Named Executive Officers reflect the desire of the Compensation Committees to link this compensation to performance. The number and form of equity grants made annually to our Named Executive Officers are determined both in the discretion of the Compensation Committees and pursuant to certain agreements with certain Named Executive Officers. Existing ownership levels are not a factor in grant determinations, as the Compensation Committees do not want to discourage executives from holding significant amounts of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc shares.

The value of equity grants made to our Named Executive Officers other than Mr. Donald was determined by the Compensation Committees after reviewing the recommendation of Mr. Donald and the Chairman of the Boards of Directors and the other elements of the Named Executive Officer’s current year compensation, taking into account the position and role of the Named Executive Officer, the individual performance in the preceding fiscal year and historically, and the perceived future value to Carnival Corporation & plc. When reviewing the competitive market assessment provided by FW Cook for total direct compensation, the Compensation Committees also evaluated the long-term and short-term incentive compensation components to confirm that the value of a Named Executive Officer’s aggregate equity-based compensation and total direct compensation remains generally competitive. Similar to the approach taken for the other Named Executive Officers, the value of equity grants made to Mr. Donald was determined by the Compensation Committees after consultation with FW Cook, taking into account his position and role, his individual performance, perceived future value and competitive market position.


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