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Compensation Discussion and Analysis and Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report—Part I


Process for Making Compensation Determinations

The Compensation Committees determine the compensation policy and the compensation payable to all of our executive officers. The Compensation Committees interact with the management of Carnival Corporation & plc on compensation issues primarily through communications, meetings and discussions with the Chief Executive Officer, the Chairman of the Boards of Directors and the Chief Human Resources Officer, who also attend meetings of the Compensation Committees as requested by the Compensation Committees. As part of the fiscal 2018 annual compensation determination process, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Boards of Directors recommended to the Compensation Committees key initiatives and goals for Carnival Corporation & plc at the beginning of the fiscal year. After the fiscal year was completed, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Boards of Directors reviewed with the Compensation Committees the results of those initiatives, progress towards goals and other material items relating to overall Carnival Corporation & plc performance. The Chief Executive Officer reviewed the annual competitive market analysis provided by the independent consultant, as well as individual performance of each Named Executive Officer and the results of the group of brands or company-wide results, as appropriate, and provided the Compensation Committees with recommended total target compensation levels for each Named Executive Officer, except for his own. The compensation for our Named Executive Officers’ was then determined by the Compensation Committees using their discretion to evaluate the individual performance of our Named Executive Officers and the overall performance of Carnival Corporation & plc.

The Compensation Committees believe that the incentive structure for senior management does not raise environmental, social or governance risks by inadvertently motivating irresponsible behavior, and that risks arising from Carnival Corporation & plc’s compensation policies and practices for their workforce are not reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on Carnival Corporation & plc. Please refer to the “Compensation Risk Assessment” section for additional information.

Independent Compensation Consultants. The Compensation Committees have engaged Frederic W. Cook & Co., Inc. (“FW Cook”) (together with its UK affiliated firm, FIT Remuneration Consultants LLP (“FIT”)) to assist in their annual review of our executive and Director compensation programs. The Compensation Committees believe that FW Cook and FIT provided objective advice to the Compensation Committees. FW Cook and FIT provide no other services to Carnival Corporation & plc.

During fiscal 2018, a consultant from FW Cook attended meetings of the Compensation Committees and provided FW Cook’s views on proposed actions by the Compensation Committees.

During fiscal 2018, the Compensation Committees also engaged Willis Towers Watson (“WTW”) to assist the Compensation Committees with the CEO Pay Ratio calculation and disclosure.

In accordance with the New York Stock Exchange rules relating to compensation consultant independence, the Compensation Committees have determined that FW Cook, FIT and WTW and their consultants are independent after taking into consideration the factors set forth in the New York Stock Exchange rules. Pursuant to the foregoing factors, the Compensation Committees have determined that FW Cook’s, FIT’s and WTW’s work raised no conflicts of interest.

Peer Group Characteristics. The Compensation Committees perform an annual review of the compensation practices of certain other publicly-listed companies with the assistance of their consultant. This annual market assessment consists of an analysis of executive pay at a group of publicly-listed peer companies.

The peer group listed below (the “Peer Group”) was used when assessing the fiscal 2018 compensation for our Named Executive Officers, which was unchanged from the peer group developed


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