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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Related Person Transactions



the importance of the transaction to the related person;


the importance of the transaction to Carnival Corporation & plc;


whether the transaction would impair the judgment of a Director or executive officer to act in our best interest; and


any other matters the Boards deem appropriate.

Any member of the Boards who is a related person with respect to a transaction under review may not participate in the deliberations or vote respecting approval or ratification of the transaction, provided, however, that such Director may be counted in determining the presence of a quorum at a meeting of the Board that considers the transaction.

Transactions with Related Persons

Transactions with Micky Arison. Micky Arison, our Chairman, is also the Chairman, President and the indirect sole shareholder of FBA II, Inc., the general partner of Miami Heat Limited Partnership (“MHLP”), the owner of the Miami Heat, a professional basketball team. He is also the indirect shareholder of Basketball Properties, Inc., the general partner of Basketball Properties, Ltd. (“BPL”), which is the manager and operator of the American Airlines Arena. Pursuant to a five-year advertising and promotion agreement between Carnival Cruise Line, MHLP and BPL, Carnival Cruise Line paid $538,000 during fiscal 2018. Carnival Cruise Line also paid $110,000 during fiscal 2018 for in-game promotions to publicize Carnival Cruise Line during Miami Heat games.

In August 2015, Carnival Corporation entered into the following agreements:



a nonexclusive Aircraft Lease Agreement with an owner trustee under a trust agreement with AD Astra I, LLC (the “Lease Agreement”); and


a Services Agreement with AFO, LLC (the “Services Agreement” and together with the Services Agreement, the “Aircraft Agreements”).

Both AD Astra I, LLC and AFO, LLC are companies directly or indirectly controlled by a trust of which Mr. Arison is a beneficiary.

Under the terms of the Lease Agreement, Carnival Corporation leases an aircraft beneficially owned by AD Astra I, LLC for additional flight capacity from time-to-time in exchange for an hourly rent of $4,500 plus applicable taxes, which is based on market charter rates for similar aircraft as adjusted for costs of operations borne by Carnival Corporation (i.e., fuel, crew costs and line maintenance during its operation of the aircraft) and hourly service plan expenses.

Under the terms of the Service Agreement, Carnival Corporation provides aircraft management services to AFO, LLC with respect to the aircraft, including overseeing its operation, maintenance, and staffing, and is paid an annual fee of $216,000 (which is based on market rates for similar arrangements) (the “Service Fee”). In addition, Carnival Corporation will be reimbursed for operating, maintenance and personnel costs and related third party costs incurred in connection with the services (“Service Costs”). The terms of the Aircraft Agreements are one year and renew automatically for one-year periods, unless terminated sooner by either party upon 30 days’ written notice.

During fiscal 2018, Carnival Corporation paid AD Astra I, LLC $789,000 under the Lease Agreement, and AFO, LLC paid Carnival Corporation $216,000 for the Service Fee and reimbursed Carnival Corporation $1,733,000 for the Service Costs.

The Boards have reviewed and approved or ratified these transactions.


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