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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Related Person Transactions


The following policies also apply to our Non-Executive Directors:



Stock Ownership Policy. The stock ownership policy for Non-Executive Directors provides that all Non-Executive Directors are required to own shares (inclusive of unvested restricted shares, restricted stock units (“RSUs”) and shares in a trust beneficially owned by the Director) of either Carnival Corporation common stock or Carnival plc ordinary shares with a value equal to a multiple of the cash retainer. During fiscal 2018, the Board increased the target ownership level from four times the cash retainer to five times the cash retainer. New Directors must achieve this requirement no later than five years from the date of their initial election to the Boards by the shareholders. Other than Ms. Deeble and Mr. Cahilly who were initially elected at the 2017 and 2018 Annual Meetings, respectively, and Ms. Lahey, who was appointed to the Boards in January 2019 and is proposed for election at the 2019 Annual Meetings, each of the Non-Executive Directors elected has achieved this Board-mandated requirement.


Product Familiarization. All Non-Executive Directors are encouraged to take a cruise(s) for up to a total of 14 days per year for product familiarization and pay a fare of $35 per person per day for such cruises (or $50 per day in the case of Seabourn), plus taxes, fees and port expenses. All other charges associated with the cruise (e.g., air, ground transfers, gratuities, tours and fuel supplements, if any) are the responsibility of the Non-Executive Director.

Carnival plc

Additional information with respect to Carnival plc’s compensation and reimbursement practices during fiscal 2018 for Non-Executive Directors is included in Part II of the Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report, which is attached as Annex B to this Proxy Statement.



Review and Approval of Transactions with Related Persons

Consistent with our written policies and procedures, it is our practice to review all relationships and transactions in which Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc is a participant and in which our Directors, nominees and executive officers and their immediate family members and any five percent beneficial holders have an interest in order to determine whether such related persons have a direct or indirect material interest. Our Legal and Global Accounting and Reporting Services Departments are primarily responsible for the development and implementation of processes and controls to obtain information from the Directors, nominees and executive officers with respect to related person transactions and for then determining, based on the facts and circumstances, whether a related person has a direct or indirect material interest in the transaction. As required under SEC rules, transactions exceeding $120,000 in which Carnival Corporation & plc was or is to be a participant and a related person had or will have a direct or indirect material interest are disclosed in this Proxy Statement.

In addition, in accordance with our Schedule of Matters Reserved to the Boards and their Committees for their Decision, the Boards review and approve or ratify any related person transaction involving:



a Director, regardless of the amount; and


a Non-Director executive officer with an aggregate value in excess of $50,000.

In the course of their review and approval or ratification of a related person transaction, the Boards may consider factors as follows:



the nature of the related person’s interest in the transaction;


the material terms of the transaction, including, without limitation, the amount and type of transaction;


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