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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Board and Committee Governance


being utilized to strengthen the skills and qualifications of the candidates. When assessing the qualifications of potential successors to the Chief Executive Officer, the Boards and the Nominating & Governance Committees will take into account our business strategy as well as any other criteria they believe are relevant.

Procedures Regarding Director Candidates Recommended by Shareholders

The Nominating & Governance Committees will also consider shareholder recommendations of qualified Director nominees when such recommendations are submitted in accordance with the procedures below. In order to recommend a candidate for consideration by the Nominating & Governance Committees for election at the 2019 Annual Meetings, a shareholder must provide the same information as is required for shareholders to submit Director nominations under the advance notice provision set forth in Carnival Corporation’s By-laws. Specifically, any such recommendation must include, in addition to any other informational requirements specifically set forth in Carnival Corporation’s and Carnival plc’s governing documents:



the name and address of the candidate;


a brief biographical description, including his or her occupation and service on Boards of Directors of any public company or registered investment company for at least the last five years;


a statement of the particular experience, qualifications, attributes or skills of the candidate, taking into account the qualification requirements set forth above; and


the candidate’s signed consent to serve as a Director if elected and to be named in the Proxy Statement.

Once we receive the recommendation, we may deliver to the candidate a questionnaire that requests additional information about the candidate’s independence, qualifications and other matters that would assist the Nominating & Governance Committees in evaluating the candidate, as well as certain information that must be disclosed about the candidate in our Proxy Statement or other regulatory filings, if nominated. Candidates must complete and return the questionnaire within the time frame provided to be considered for nomination by the Nominating & Governance Committees at the Annual Meetings. For our 2020 Annual Meetings of Shareholders, the Nominating & Governance Committees will consider recommendations received by our Secretary at our headquarters no later than November 8, 2019.

Communications between Shareholders or Interested Parties and the Boards

Shareholders or interested parties who wish to communicate with the Boards, the Presiding Director, the Non-Executive Directors as a group or any individual Director should address their communications to the attention of the Secretary of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc at 3655 N.W. 87th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33178 U.S.A. The Secretary will maintain a log of all such communications, promptly forward to the Presiding Director those which the Secretary believes require immediate attention, and also periodically provide the Presiding Director with a summary of all such communications and any responsive actions taken. The Presiding Director will notify the Boards or the Chairs of the relevant Board Committees as to those matters that he believes are appropriate for further action or discussion.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics applies to all employees and members of the Boards of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc and provides guiding principles on areas such as identifying and resolving conflicts of interest. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is posted on our website at and


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