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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Board and Committee Governance



payouts to 200% (in the case of PBS and MTE grants as described below) or 600% (in the case of SEA grants as described below) of target.


Performance-Based Share Grants. To strengthen the relationship between pay and performance, all of our equity grants to senior executives for fiscal 2018 service have been in the form of performance-based share grants.


Performance Measurement. For corporate officers, the performance measurement used when determining their annual bonus is based on the performance of Carnival Corporation & plc. For officers of our operating units, the performance measurements used when determining their bonus is based 50% on the performance of their operating unit, with the remaining balance being based on the performance of Carnival Corporation & plc to enable a continued focus on the overall success of Carnival Corporation & plc.


Stock Ownership Policy. All senior executives who are designated as reporting officers under Section 16 of the Exchange Act, including our Named Executive Officers, are subject to a stock ownership policy which specifies target ownership levels of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc shares in terms of the value of the equity holdings as a multiple of each officer’s base salary.


Clawback Policy. The Carnival Corporation 2011 Stock Plan (which was approved by shareholders in 2011), the Carnival plc 2014 Employee Share Plan (which was approved by shareholders in 2014) and the incentive plan used to determine annual bonuses contain clawback provisions, which authorize us to recover incentive-based compensation granted under those plans in the event Carnival Corporation & plc is required to restate their financial statements due to fraud or misconduct.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines address various governance issues and principles, including Director qualifications and responsibilities, access to management personnel, Director compensation, Director orientation and continuing education and annual performance evaluations of the Boards, their Committees and individual Directors. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines are posted on our website at and

Chief Executive Officer Succession Planning

Our Boards believe that planning for the succession of our Chief Executive Officer is an important function. Our multi-brand structure enhances our succession planning process. At the corporate level, a highly-skilled management team oversees a collection of cruise brands. At both the corporate and brand levels, we continually strive to foster the professional development of senior management. As a result, Carnival Corporation & plc has developed a very experienced and strong group of leaders, with their performance subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation, as potential successors to all of our senior executive positions, including our Chief Executive Officer.

The Boards and the Nominating & Governance Committees are responsible for succession planning, including emergency succession planning. The independent Non-Executive Directors meet with the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (both together and individually) at least quarterly to plan for the succession of the Chief Executive Officer, including plans in the event of an emergency. During those sessions, each of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer discusses his recommendations of potential successors, along with an evaluation and review of any development plans for such individuals. As provided in our Corporate Governance Guidelines, the Nominating & Governance Committees will, when appropriate, make recommendations to the Boards with respect to potential successors to the Chief Executive Officer. All members of the Boards will work with the Nominating & Governance Committees to see that qualified candidates are available and that development plans are


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