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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Board and Committee Governance


Compensation Committees. The Compensation Committees have authority for reviewing and determining salaries, performance-based incentives, and other matters related to the compensation of our executive officers, and administering our stock incentive plans, including reviewing and granting equity-based grants to our executive officers and other employees. The Compensation Committees also review and determine various other compensation policies and matters, including making recommendations to the Boards with respect to the compensation of the Non-Executive (non-employee) Directors, incentive compensation and equity-based plans generally, and administering the employee stock purchase plans. For more information on the responsibilities and activities of the Compensation Committees, including the Committees’ processes for determining executive compensation, see “Compensation Discussion and Analysis” and “Executive Compensation” sections and the Compensation Committees’ charter.

Executive Committees. The Executive Committees may exercise the authority of the full Boards between meetings of the Boards, except to the extent that the Boards have delegated authority to another Committee or to other persons, and except as limited by applicable law.

HESS Committees. The HESS Committees review and recommend policies relative to the protection of the environment and the health, safety and security of employees, contractors, guests and the public. The HESS Committees also supervise and monitor health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability policies and programs and review with management significant risks or exposures and actions required to minimize such risks. For more information on the responsibilities and activities of the HESS Committees, see the HESS Committees’ charter.

Nominating & Governance Committees. The Nominating & Governance Committees review and report to the Boards on a periodic basis with regard to matters of corporate governance, including succession planning. The Nominating & Governance Committees also review and assess the effectiveness of our Corporate Governance Guidelines, make recommendations to the Boards regarding proposed revisions to these guidelines, and make recommendations to the Boards regarding the size and composition of the Boards and their Committees. For more information on the responsibilities and activities of the Nominating & Governance Committees, see “Nominations of Directors” and “Procedures Regarding Director Candidates Recommended by Shareholders” sections and the Nominating & Governance Committees’ charter. Additional information with respect to Carnival plc’s corporate governance practices during fiscal 2018 is included in the Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report attached as Annex C to this Proxy Statement.

Board and Committee Independence

Under New York Stock Exchange standards of independence for directors, the Board must determine that a Director does not have any material relationship with Carnival Corporation & plc or its subsidiaries (either directly or as a partner, shareholder or officer of an organization that has a relationship with Carnival Corporation & plc) and meet certain bright-line tests. The Boards of Directors have determined that each of Sir Jonathon Band, Jason Glen Cahilly, Helen Deeble, Richard J. Glasier, Debra Kelly-Ennis, Katie Lahey, Sir John Parker, Stuart Subotnick, Laura Weil and Randall J. Weisenburger is an “independent director” in accordance with the New York Stock Exchange standards of independence for directors and that all members of the Audit Committees and Compensation Committees meet the heightened independence criteria applicable to Directors serving on those Committees under SEC rules and New York Stock Exchange listing standards. Accordingly, a majority of the Directors of each company, all of our Non-Executive Directors and all of the members of the Audit Committees, Compensation Committees, HESS Committees and Nominating & Governance Committees of each company are independent (as defined by the New York Stock Exchange listing standards, SEC rules and the UK Corporate Governance Code).


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