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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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April 12, 2019 shall be entitled to attend or vote at the meeting in respect of the number of shares registered in their name at that time. Changes to the entries on the register of members after 6:30 p.m. (BST) on April 12, 2019 shall be disregarded in determining the rights of any person to attend or vote at the meeting.

Any shareholder attending the meeting has the right to ask questions. Carnival plc must cause to be answered any such question relating to the business being dealt with at the meeting but no such answer need be given if:



to do so would interfere unduly with the preparation for the meeting or involve the disclosure of confidential information;


the answer has already been given on a website in the form of an answer to a question; or


it is undesirable in the interests of Carnival plc or the good order of the meeting that the question be answered.

Documents available for inspection

Copies of all service agreements (including letters of appointment) between each Director and Carnival plc will be available for inspection during normal business hours on any weekday (public holidays excluded) at the registered office of Carnival plc from the date of this notice until and including the date of the meeting and at the place of the meeting for at least 15 minutes prior to and during the meeting.

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There are 20 Proposals that require shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting this year. The Directors unanimously recommend that you vote in favor of Proposals 1 through 20 (inclusive). The Directors encourage you to submit your vote using one of the voting methods described herein. Submitting your voting instructions by any of these methods will not affect your right to attend the meeting in person should you so choose.

Website materials

This Proxy Statement and other information required by Section 311A of the Companies Act have been posted on our website at and

Under Section 527 of the Companies Act, shareholders meeting the threshold requirements set out in that section have the right to require Carnival plc to publish on a website a statement setting out any matter relating to:



the audit of Carnival plc’s accounts (including the auditor’s report and the conduct of the audit) that are to be laid before the Annual General Meeting; or


any circumstance connected with an auditor of Carnival plc ceasing to hold office since the previous meeting at which annual accounts and reports were laid in accordance with Section 437 of the Companies Act.

Carnival plc may not require the shareholders requesting any such website publication to pay its expenses in complying with Sections 527 or 528 of the Companies Act. Where Carnival plc is required to place a statement on a website under Section 527 of the Companies Act, it must forward the statement to Carnival plc’s auditor not later than the time when it makes the statement available on the website. The business which may be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting includes any statement that Carnival plc has been required under Section 527 of the Companies Act to publish on a website.


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