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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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UK Financial Reporting Council Audit Quality Review

During fiscal 2018, the 2017 external audit of Carnival plc by PwC was reviewed by the UK Financial Reporting Council Audit Quality Review team. The Audit Quality Review team routinely monitors the quality of audit work of certain UK audit firms through inspections of sample audits and related procedures at those audit firms. As part of the process, the Chairman of the Audit Committee had a discussion with a representative from the Audit Quality Review team and provided feedback at the end of the review to the other members of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee and PwC have discussed the outcome of the review, noting there were no findings or changes to the 2018 audit approach resulting from the inspection. The outcome of the review provided us with assurance as to the quality of the audit performed by PwC.

On behalf of the Audit Committee



Richard J. Glasier

Chair of the Audit Committee

January 28, 2019

Information and Professional Development

The Company Secretary is required to provide members of the Boards with appropriate information in advance of each meeting and Directors are required to devote adequate preparation time reviewing this information in advance of each meeting. The Company Secretary is also responsible for advising the Boards through the Chairman on all corporate governance matters.

All Directors have access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary and are permitted to obtain independent professional advice, at Carnival Corporation & plc’s expense, as he or she may deem necessary to discharge his or her responsibilities as a Director. A Director is required to inform the Senior Independent Director of his or her intention to do so.

Directors are offered the opportunity to attend training programs of their choice. The subject matter and content of such programs are reviewed periodically during the year.

Board Performance Evaluations

During fiscal 2018, the Nominating & Governance Committees conducted performance evaluations of the Boards, the Boards’ Committees and the members of our Boards of Directors. The performance review of Micky Arison, in his role as Chairman, was conducted separately by the Non-Executive Directors, led by the then Senior Independent Director, Randall J. Weisenburger, taking into account the view of the other Executive Director.

As part of the Boards’ evaluation exercise, each Director was required to complete a questionnaire about the performance of the Boards and their Committees. All questionnaires were reviewed and assessed by the Nominating & Governance Committees.


C-10           Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report