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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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Our reasons for not putting the audits out for tender until 2022 for the fiscal 2024 audits and for recommending that PwC be appointed Carnival plc’s auditor for 2019 are as follows:



PwC is one of the largest independent audit firms in the world. In addition, PwC is uniquely qualified because they are the auditors of the three largest public cruise companies in the world, which comprise over 75% of the global cruise industry. As such, it has an exceptional level of understanding of the cruise industry, the significant accounting principles used by it and the economic environment in which it operates.


Carnival Corporation & plc has periodically undertaken internal surveys to confirm PwC’s qualifications and performance, the quality and candor of their communication with the Audit Committees and management and their independence, objectivity and professional skepticism. The results of these surveys have supported the Audit Committees’ and management’s recommendations to appoint PwC as the independent auditors of Carnival Corporation & plc and Carnival plc.


PwC’s lead audit engagement partner for Carnival Corporation & plc and the engagement partner for Carnival plc are rotated from the engagement at least every five years. The PwC engagement partners working on subsidiaries are rotated from these engagements at least every seven years or in the case of significant EU subsidiaries, for the periods beginning on or after June 17, 2016, the engagement partners will be rotated at least every five years. The Audit Committees actively participate in the selection of the lead audit engagement partners. The Audit Committees and management believe the partner rotations support an independent auditor view of our operations and provide fresh insights into the audit processes.


The Audit Committees meet regularly with PwC in executive sessions, where management is not present. These executive sessions, which are not required under UK or U.S. regulations, further support PwC’s independence from management.


The Audit Committees’ Key Policies and Procedures establish a framework to monitor and maintain PwC’s independence. These Key Policies and Procedures require, among other things, pre-approval from the Audit Committees for audit and permissible non-audit services prior to the performance of any such services in accordance with UK and U.S. regulations. The Audit Committees only approve services to be provided by PwC that are consistent with these regulations, which helps to support auditor independence.


The communication between the Audit Committees and PwC has been timely and informative, which has assisted the Audit Committees in the performance of their oversight responsibilities.


The Audit Committees and management believe that PwC has performed the audits of Carnival Corporation & plc and Carnival plc with proper professional skepticism and demonstrated the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to meet their audit requirements.


Based on the review and analysis of audit fees of comparable public companies, the Audit Committees and management believe the PwC audit fees are competitive.

The Audit Committees continue to be confident that the effectiveness and independence of the external auditors is not impaired in any way. There are no contractual restrictions on the choice of external auditor and, therefore, a resolution proposing the reappointment of PwC as external auditors will be put to the Carnival plc shareholders at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The fees payable to PwC in respect of the audit and non-audit services provided to Carnival plc during fiscal 2018 were $1.7 million and $0.1, respectively. The policy on Audit Committee pre-approval and permissible non-audit work of the independent auditors, are set out in the “Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm,” section of the Proxy Statement, which is incorporated by reference into this Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report.

The CMA Order applies to FTSE 350 companies. Carnival plc confirms that it complied with the provisions of the CMA Order in fiscal 2018.


Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report