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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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reviewed reports of RAAS concerning progress against their audit plan, department staffing and professional qualifications, and the status of management action plans for previously identified action steps;


reviewed reports regarding information technology security, including cybersecurity and privacy; and


reviewed the status of complaints received through Carnival Corporation & plc’s third-party administered hotline and other channels.

Compensation Committees

The Compensation Committees of the Boards are comprised of the following three independent Non-Executive Directors: Randall J. Weisenburger (Chair), Richard J. Glasier and Laura Weil.

During the year, four meetings of the Carnival plc Compensation Committees were held, which were attended by all members. Executive Directors are invited to attend for appropriate items, but are excluded when their own performance and remuneration are being discussed and determined.

The Compensation Committees are responsible for the:



evaluation and approval of the Director and officer compensation plans, policies and programs;


annual review and approval of the corporate goals and objectives relevant to the Chief Executive Officer’s compensation;


determination and approval of the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, the other Executive Directors and other senior officers; and


recommendations to the Boards with respect to the compensation of the Non-Executive Directors.

The Compensation Committees are empowered to retain compensation consultants of their choice to be used to assist in the evaluation of compensation issues.

HESS Committees

The HESS Committees of the Boards are comprised of the following four independent Non-Executive Directors: Sir Jonathon Band (Chair), Helen Deeble, Debra Kelly-Ennis and Sir John Parker.

During the year, four meetings of the Carnival plc HESS Committee were held, which were attended by all incumbent members, except for Sir John Parker who attended three of four meetings, having missed one meeting due to illness. The Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Executive Officers of our cruise brands also attend meetings of the HESS Committees.

The principal function of the HESS Committees is to assist the Boards in fulfilling their responsibility to:



supervise and monitor Carnival Corporation & plc’s health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability policies, programs, initiatives at sea and ashore; and


comply with legal and regulatory requirements relating to health, environmental, safety, security and sustainability.

The HESS Committees receive quarterly reporting regarding:



the status of Carnival Corporation & plc’s Environmental Compliance Plan, from the Carnival Corporation & plc Maritime Policy and Analysis Department; and


the HESS auditing program, which includes all of our vessels, as well as any instances of non-compliance and planned remedial action, focused HESS reviews and significant HESS incident investigations from RAAS.

Nominating & Governance Committees

The Nominating & Governance Committees of the Boards are comprised of the following five independent Non-Executive Directors: Stuart Subotnick (Chair), Sir Jonathon Band, Richard J. Glasier,


C-6           Carnival plc Corporate Governance Report