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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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making the grant. These targets will be disclosed at the end of the performance period (as these targets are deemed strategic and commercially sensitive).


No long-term incentive compensation will be made to Mr. Arison in fiscal 2019.




Benefits in Fiscal 2018 (audited)


The detailed benefits provided to Mr. Arison are described in the footnotes to the “Single Figure Table” below. The detail of benefits provided to Mr. Donald is set out in the “All Other Compensation” table in the “Executive Compensation” section of the Proxy Statement.


Benefits in Fiscal 2019 (not audited)


Benefits provided in fiscal 2019 are expected to be similar to those provided in fiscal 2018.




Pensions in Fiscal 2018 (audited)


Details of the pension entitlements that Mr. Arison participated in fiscal 2018 are set out in “Total Pension Entitlements” section.


Mr. Donald participated in the Carnival Corporation Fun Ship Savings plan, a qualified 401(k) plan (the “401(k) Plan”) during fiscal 2018. Under this plan, employee contributions are capped at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) prescribed limits, with an employer matching contribution of up to 50% of this level possible), all of which is subject to discrimination testing. Carnival Corporation also operates a profit sharing arrangement under which participants who are deemed highly compensated employees under IRS regulations are paid the equivalent of their annual matching award (less any


amount actually contributed by Carnival Corporation to the 401(k) Plan on their behalf as a matching contribution) and profit sharing contribution as additional cash compensation. This is currently set according to a prescribed scale as set out in the “Pension Benefit in Fiscal 2018” section of the Proxy Statement.


Pensions in Fiscal 2019 (not audited)


No material changes to the arrangements are anticipated for 2019.


Stock Ownership Policy  


Stock Ownership Policy (audited)


A description of the stock ownership policy applicable to Executive Directors is set out in Part I. Both Messrs. Arison and Donald comply with the applicable levels.



Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report – Part II