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CARNIVAL CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/07/2019
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During the year, the following actions were taken for 2018 or anticipated for fiscal 2019 when implementing the 2017 Policy:

Executive Directors


Base salary  


Annual salaries (not audited)


Annual salary levels as at December 1, 2018 were:


•  Mr. Donald – $1,500,000

•  Mr. Arison – $1,000,000


No increase was made to Messrs. Donald’s or Arison’s salary for fiscal 2019.


Details of the companies considered as comparators for the market competitive reviews described above are set out in Part I.


Annual Bonus  


Fiscal 2018 Annual Bonus (audited)


The annual bonus program is referred to as the Management Incentive Plan. Details of the performance measures and targets for Mr. Donald’s annual bonus in respect of fiscal 2018 are included in Part I. As in previous years, the selected performance measure was Corporation Operating Income and application of this measure in accordance with the 2018 Policy focuses Mr. Donald on achieving appropriate performance results as reflected by income from the operations of Carnival Corporation & plc as well as other relevant measures.


Mr. Arison does not participate in our performance-based annual bonus program.


Annual bonus for Executive Directors who served throughout fiscal 2018 were as follows:


•  Mr. Donald – $4,689,000 representing a bonus outcome of 156.3% of target

•  Mr. Arison – Nil


This outcome did not involve the exercise of any discretionary adjustments (up or down) to Mr. Donald’s individual annual bonus amount.


Additionally, Mr. Donald is eligible, depending on service, to participate in an all-employee profit sharing arrangement as further detailed in the section on pensions below.


Fiscal 2019 Annual Bonus – Performance measures and targets (not audited)


For fiscal 2019, the key performance measure will again be Corporation Operating Income.



B-2           Carnival plc Directors’ Remuneration Report – Part II